Welcome to the Wonderful World of Unemployment!

I am proud and happy to welcome myself to the wonderful world of unemployment.
I was gainfully employed for the past 20 long years, It has been a great experience and rewarding.  It was also a disturbing profession.  Through years passing, I had seen and met thousands of fellow employees, I see one thing in common in all of us, myself included.
We all have the tremendous potential and we all are blessed with gifts yet one thing that hold all of us back is some degree of self doubt.  It is not so much the lack of technical information but more of the lack of self confidence.
Employment and Life  is not a matter of good credential or favorable appraisal often bias.  In the real outside world something is required.  they fondly called it “Guts”. “Balls” “Daring”‘. “Tenacity and Brillance” as saying goes….
NO GUTS –  NO GLORY         NO PAIN   –    NO GAIN       NO ID   –   NO ENTRY
It is excessive Fear and Self doubt  that are the greatest detractor  of personal genius.
It broke my heart to realized just lately, We Know the answers to reality yet We lack the courage to act.
Its not the smart that get ahead but the bold.
I am not armed with money only Belief and Trust, I made the Major Major decisions in my life, and took the next counter, Please!!!   Thank you ever so much to friends and relatives who where on my side and send their wishes, prayers, who understand me, who believes in me.
Your Prayers, and Trust I can succeed.  It so much for me to take, your inspiration, you are part of my journey to my next destination…SUCCESS.
So why Now?
Because If I don’t,    in this period of time will be a frigthening one, this is the time of watching people moves Boldly, while others clings to decaying life rings.

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