Make Life Easier! Maintain a Great Work-Life Balance

Make Life Easier! Maintain a Great Work-Life Balance

Posted by Brian Tracy on Mar 30, 2012

work-life balance - reduce waste of timeYour goal is to live a long, happy life, full of joy and satisfaction, to realize your potential, and to become everything you are capable of becoming. The starting point of achieving balance and make life easier is for you to set your own happiness as the primary goal of your life, and then organize everything you do to achieve that happiness.

Fully 85% of your happiness comes from your relationships with other people – at home, at work, and in every area of your life. You require a balance between your work and your personal life in order to be happy.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

In your work and career, you need to be doing work that you enjoy, that gives you a sense of personal fulfillment, that pays you well, and which you do in an excellent fashion; your life can quickly get out of balance if you are lacking in this area.

The average person feels that he or she has too much work to do and that this is the major reason that his or her life is out of balance. This is seldom true.

The fact is that most working people waste fully 50% of their time. Idol chit-chat with co-workers, reading a newspaper, surfing the internet, personal business, long coffee breaks and lunches, coming in late and leaving early is a waste of time. The average person only works about 50% of the time, and then, because they are under pressure, they work on low-value activities.

The secret to success at work is simple: “Work all the time you work!” When you go to work, put your head down, and immediately start work. If someone wants to interrupt you to talk, you excuse yourself by saying that you have to get “back to work!”

Make Life Easier

Plan every day and week in advance. You should make a list before you start each day, preferably the night before. Every minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in work or execution.

To reduce waste of time, start setting your priorities on your work list by using the A, B, C, D, E Method:

  1. Go over your list and put an A next to each of your most important tasks;
  2. Go over your list and put a B next to tasks that are not as important;
  3. Go over your list and place a C next to those tasks that are hardly important at all.

When you begin work, start on your A-1, most important tasks first thing. Practice single-handling; concentrate single-mindedly on one thing, the most important thing, and discipline yourself to stay on that task until it is 100% complete.

By developing the habit of single-minded concentration on your most important task, you will increase your productivity 50%, get your entire work life under control, double your productivity, performance and output, and reassert work-life balance.

Don’t forget to take one or two week vacations twice each year during which you do no work at all. This will help you get back into balance faster than almost anything else you can do.

Get Plenty of Rest

To increase your work-life balance, you need plenty of rest, at least 7-8 hours each night. When you get too little sleep, you build up a “sleep deficit” which causes you to go through the day in a form of “fog.” Because you are not thoroughly rested, you find it difficult to concentrate on the high-value activities that account for your success. Instead, you work on low priority, easier tasks, that contribute very little to your career.

The very act of going to bed one hour early each night, or getting one to two hours of extra sleep each night, can transform your life completely, and put your entire life back into balance.

Balance is not something that you achieve quickly and easily. It is something that you have to work at, every single day. But the good news is that, whatever you do repeatedly eventually becomes a habit. You can develop the habit of living a high performance, happy, well balanced life by simply practicing these ideas over and over until they make life easier.

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