Choice Point – Align Your Pupose

Many of us are at a life-changing point in our lives wondering -“What is my purpose”. “what is happening in my world”. “What can I do to make the difference”. Its seems there is an increasing unrest in turbulence in the world. We are bombarded everyday by shocking images on TV. Terrible stories on paper on for many of us there is a growing shift and change occurring in the world. Personally too we feel there must be something more.

Change begin with us, every choice we make is creating a future for better or worse – but where do we begin to make improvements in our lives and start to see happier and wealthier world? How do we make right choices?

Wouldn’t be amazing if you have access to the kind of information that until now has been the reserve of the world’s most far-thinking scientist, business leaders and change makers?

Wouldn’t be useful for you to know how to apply this powerful knowledge to you in your own life in an easy step-by-step way?

Wouldn’t be useful if you have social network that will allow you to connect with others – and combine forces to help create the world at its highest potential?

If you answered a resounding”YES” to these 3 questions then read on – because on the course of this book, we’ll be undertaking fascinating journey which guarantees to alter how you see life forever…..

Very shortly, you will be one of the first to have the tools you need to create positive change in both your own life and the life of those around you on a scale that’s never been possible until now….

Choice Point is a hands-on-movements that provides us with all the information and tools to realize both our personal and collective potential.

It does that through putting the collective wisdom of some of the leading change-makers in our planet in film, books and socially interactive learning platform but also enables you find people of same interest and ideas and enable collaboration on a global scale – really empowering you to co create the world that you want to live in. A social network for a positive social purpose.

This book gives you some tips on how to make better choices and how you can use this amazing resources to improve both your life and the lives of others too.





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