Reflections of the Heart: Living in the NOW

by Dawn Demers

All of your power lives in NOW, in this moment. It is in this moment that you have the opportunity to create change and make your desires a reality. To do this you must live in the present. What is happening in this moment is simply a reflection of what is in your heart. Love creates love just as fear creates fear. By focusing on the NOW and staying in the present moment you can more easily navigate through life’s challenges.

One memorable experience of practicing staying in the NOW occurred for me while visiting the small island of Dominica in the Caribbean. I participated in a river tubing trip with my family. As I hung on for dear life in my inner tube, the river’s rushing water pushed my tube back and forth, carrying me over a series of rapids and down the river. Having no control over the situation, I would often drop over small rock cliffs, hopefully managing to stay in my inner tube! As if that wasn’t daunting enough, my sense of panic grew as I saw other tubers being flipped out of their tubes and thrown into the large boulders sticking sharply out of the water. Everyone survived with no injuries but at the time it seemed quite dramatic.

Trapped in this inner tube headed swiftly down the river – no, I do not like amusement park rides either – I began to focus on the NOW. I stopped looking down the river to anticipate what pitfalls lay ahead. Instead, I tried to focus on what I heard in the moment, like the bubbling and rushing sound of the water, the sounds of the jungle as the wind blew through the leaves and the birds chirped. In the NOW this sounded like calming music. I focused on the vibrant jungle colors that surrounded me. Whenever I became distracted and lost my sense of the present, I re-focused myself on what was going on NOW.

The gifts that I received by being present for this adventure were extraordinary. Even to this day the memory of that river tubing trip is surreal. I was able to truly enjoy this unique experience and really appreciate my surroundings. It was an amazing adventure that could only be experienced by being in the NOW.

I encourage you to set an intention to experience life in the NOW. If you find that you are not happy with your NOW, don’t worry, it will change. In fact, your NOW changes from one moment to the next, based upon where your attention is focused. Try these simple steps to help you experience the joy of actively living in the NOW.

Step One: Relax, breathe, and shift your vibration by focusing your attention on what you desire to be NOW. It is your attitude and sense of gratitude for all that has been and for all that is NOW that will allow you to shift your reality and open the doors to experience even greater moments that are more in line with what you desire.

Step Two: Set your intention to savor each moment and affirm: I accept what is, regardless of my opinion about it.

Step Three: Ground yourself by visualizing roots growing out of your feet and into the earth, anchoring you in the present.

Step Four: When your mind drifts away from the present, bring attention back to the present by stating mentally what you are doing/feeling in that moment. For example: “Eating”, “Feeling warmed by the sun”, “Smiling”.

By focusing on the NOW it is impossible to be anxious or fearful of the future as you are only in the NOW. Choose an activity or several activities each day and set your intention to remain present for that activity. Remember that by being in the NOW and acknowledging what is, you can then make a choice to accept it. By accepting what is, you open the doors to change the reality you are experiencing NOW.

About the Author

Dawn Demers is a Strategic Coach and Energy Master. Her life’s mission is to help others find their true path and live a life of their dreams. Dawn is an accomplished speaker having delivered presentations, workshops and seminars internationally. She is trained and certified in many healing modalities including Pranic Healing, Reiki Master, Lightbody & Lightwave Healing, Angel Therapy Practitioner, in addition to traditional bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in business and psychology. Find more about Dawn at ACORDA Strategic Coaching, or email

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