Is it rude to talk about money?


Many people were raised to think that you don’t talk about money, and as a result, are closed minded about how to cure money problems. When you start the journey of learning about money and how it works, your situation becomes more open. It can lead to a clearer, non-judgmental state of mind. You see past your mistakes, and instead of getting caught up in them, you learn from them. You can approach money without being stifled by fear.

Exiting the rat race starts with understanding why you’re in it in the first place. Once you know why, you can begin working on your financial education and intelligence. Learn about what the rat race is and how to change to mindset, the frugality taboo, different beliefs about money, becoming an investor, the trap of false security, education over earning, and how you can afford to create this change in your life!

Break The Rat Race Taboo will provide you with the basic understanding of why you feel stuck in your current situations and how to break out of it to create financial freedom and prosperity for your family and yourself. Your future will be determined by choices you make today, not tomorrow. Invest it in your mind and choose wealth as your goal and your future for your family and yourself.